21-day countdown begins

Breathe after me. We are breathless with excitement – the 21-day countdown to the launch of the JHP Gourmet Guide™ 2018 has begun, and moments ago we signed off our proof for the printer! The presses will begin to roll and soon you will see the fruits of the labour.

The 2018 guide is more stylish, glossier, travel-savvy (lighter in weight with a soft cover) and packed from front to back with visual feasts, plus signature recipes. The winner of the inaugural SWISS Culinary Innovation Award is secretly sandwiched between the beautiful pages. The plated chefs will discover on Monday 23 October who the deserving winner of an unforgettable, unique culinary experience in Europe is. They will wing their way, business class with a partner, for some excitement…this experience will be captured and shared with you in our blog, Jen’s Journeys of Flavour, next year. Over the next few weeks I will be unpacking the seven SWISS criteria in which the award was based.

Follow our countdown and see if you can decipher the cryptic clues and work out who the top 21 plated chefs are. For the first-time there will be three-plate awards. Watch this space…! Here is your first taste of one of the top 21 restaurants featured in the JHP Gourmet Guide™ 2018.


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