Joburg restaurants – food always tastes better with family

Let me share a few family moments!

A quickie in JOZI puts a smile on my face – fabulous food, and after hours, time to see the family. We headed off to Perron in Bryanston for catch-up, and when I saw a dish called Jenny Chow in the nibbles section, I started ordering an array of punchy tapas for the table that fueled lively conversation. Service was slick, and vegetarians well catered for.

Lunch meetings at Glenda’s are always good. This popular happy hang-out in Hyde Park has a feeling of freshness about it, and the food follows through. A tasty chicken salad with slithers of Parmesan, a piquant salsa on the side and good company is a great recipe for doing business and saving space for a degustation menu that night.

1 (2)

Chef Johannes de Bruijn at Winehouse, situated in the urban-style Ten Bompas Hotel pulls out all the stops to impress, as do the rest of his team. It was a great place for some fruitful meetings, and after wrapping those my husband and son joined me for a quick glass of bubbles and nibbles before heading into the small, intimate and stylish restaurant aptly named Winehouse.

Whilst meandering our way through the many courses, listening to hotel guests raving about the rabbit, we stopped to exclaim over the melanzane, quite the best I have tasted in SA, just moments after loving the tomato terrine with a herb bavarois and onion dashi cream. The only way to do justice to this journey with its perfect wine pairings is to stay overnight, which we did. As Capetonians we reveled in the long baths, warm hospitality and convenience of this oasis in a city that never stops moving so fast.

The Black Bamboo – The main aim of this visit North was to see our son being admitted in the Pretoria High Court as an attorney. Now I can say to my friends, with back-up, don’t mess with me…or get your lawyer to call mine! The Black Bamboo is a boutique hotel with a restaurant receiving high ratings. The staff are genuine people-pleasers with the right balance between friendliness and familiarity. It is the perfect place to celebrate a milestone, or to simply celebrate the standard of food in our country. Sadly, our newly-appointed attorney had to dash back to work, but the rest of the family was happy to settle in for a memorable meal. It was an incognito, informal family gathering, not a formal review, so I felt that it was appropriate to pair, discreetly of course, my main meal with a Berocca, as the fast-paced travel was playing havoc with my immune system. Imagine my horror when chef Pellie arrived at our table to introduce himself!  Our dishes were delicious, from the asparagus and surf ‘n turn starters through mains of fish pie, chicken done in a few innovative ways with the ballotine taking first prize, a flavour-filled mushroom risotto and the kingklip, to the delectable chocolate cremaux. I shall diarise to return for the seven-course food pairing – with wine, no Berocca!

Next week, back in Cape Town, less water and more inspiration, and to discover how Luke Dale-Roberts and his team are working wonders with a Drought Menu. Meanwhile, locals in Jozi follow JoziStyle and win your own copy of the JHP Gourmet Guide™. Entries close on Sunday 4 March at 5pm.

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