JHP Gourmet Guide


Discover diverse restaurants from fine dining to fabulous food and gourmet getaways. Read about South Africa’s top 21 restaurants, meet their chefs – discover their passions, get to know them and be inspired by their recipes.

This innovative restaurant guide and its unique ‘plating’ rating system has been applauded for its credibility, impartiality and authenticity. The ‘plating’ rating is a neutral, trusted evaluation method that equates with global standards. The absence of restaurant advertisements underscores the programme’s objectivity.

One plate – excellent cuisine

Two plates – exceptional dining that demands a detour

Three plates – world-class destination dining – worthy of a flight

Curator and author Jenny Handley owns a brand performance business and is a respected global restaurant reviewer and writer. Updating her formal food qualifications regularly while travelling on her taste buds all over the world, Jenny combines her passion for food, words and brand in this guide.