JHP Gourmet Guide


South Africa’s premium restaurant recognition of ongoing excellence

In many countries restaurants aspire to a one, two or three-star rating. In South Africa, restaurants aim for one, two or three plates, the ultimate accolade.

The prestigious plate rating, which equates to global standards of evaluating and rewarding refined and fine-dining establishments, has been lauded for its authenticity, impartiality and credibility. It celebrates the uniquity of South African cuisine. This is a collector’s keepsake of inspiring stories of the plated restaurants and awarded chefs that have elevated SA into a prime culinary destination.

Discover what makes them tick, new chefs who are making their mark and established chefs finding new ways to feed voracious appetites – from classic and conservative to daring and different. Discerning diners trust the guide and its recommendations, using it to plan their culinary journeys around the country. Sandwiched between these covers are their mouthwatering, original recipes, personally tested by the chefs.

  • One – excellent cuisine
  • Two – exceptional dining that demands a detour
  • Three – world-class destination dining worthy of a flight

The plate rating was conceptualized by respected food writer and curator, Jenny Handley, proudly South African, who believes that SA deserves front row on the culinary stage. She travels the globe to meet chefs and recruit reviewers, to review top restaurants, benchmark standards and to update her formal food qualifications.