SWISS Culinary Innovation Award

 “This is an opportunity for SWISS to support the top chefs in South Africa by showcasing their work and pushing them to reach new culinary innovations, while rewarding them for their outstanding work with this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The most innovative chef, with a partner, will fly SWISS Business to Europe, to be inspired by a unique culinary experience.”

Dr. Andre Schulz, General Manager Southern Africa at Lufthansa



ACCURACY: Switzerland is synonymous with accuracy. The Oxford dictionary definition: “the state of being exact or correct or the ability of being able to do something skilfully without making mistakes.” SWISS are forging gastronomy to new boundaries with a strikingly accurate approach. The food conceptualisation is to surpass conventional food artistry blurring the borders of ultra-modern culinary and art. Fly SWISS first or business class and you will understand accuracy.



SUSTAINABILITY: While food sophistication and innovation are key to the SWISS Culinary Innovation Award, demonstrating the knowledge and successful contribution to the widespread adoption of local food practices is appraised.


PASSION: Oxford dictionary definition is – “a very strong feeling of love, hatred, anger or enthusiasm.” Let’s focus on the love! SWISS, our partners in the JHP Gourmet Guide™, who are awarding the most innovative chef an unforgettable culinary experience in Europe, flying business class with a partner, know all about passion. One of the criteria for the award is passion – execution should be sophisticated enough to perceive an avid passion of food. The way the ingredients are conjoined together to deliver innovative results, and the true passion that lies behind the cuisine and creation of it.


EFFICIENCY: is defined in the Oxford dictionary as, “the quality of doing something well with no waste of time or money.” Being effective is doing the right things well. We are proud of our top 21 chefs for doing just that – the right things well often is the simple things done well. On board SWISS you will know that the food execution is backed by safety and efficiency. The process behind the creation of the dishes is one of the most important aspects.


EFFORT, defined in the Oxford dictionary as “the physical energy that you need to do something,” is highlighted by SWISS in their Culinary Innovation Award in the JHP Gourmet Guide™. SWISS expresses its special service with unique touches, and no doubt the overall sight of food should elicit a range of responses. With a little tweaking, the effort evident in the food should successively redefine and elevate an ancient, classic and contemporary gastronomy.


The Oxford definition of CREATIVITY: “Creativity and originality are more important than technical skill.” One of the seven elements of the innovation award and cornerstones of the cuisine experienced on board SWISS is creativity. The industry professionals create menus with creative specialities using products that are cultivated and inspired.