World Book Day

20170424_132158-2After celebrating World Book Day yesterday i thought i would start your week by sharing some book recommendations. With all these public holidays I devour more than merely food – days off mean days to read, research and salivate so I am unable to restrict myself to commenting on just one book this month. Instead allow me to mention a few for food-lovers. The first would be Edible Atlas by Mina Holland, a fabulous reference that whets your appetite for visiting a country. I agree with Mina when she says “When we eat, we travel.” She transports the reader around the world, but sadly not to South Africa. Featured are 39 countries, a great read. Another is The Table Comes First, by Adam Gopnik, a combination of history, philosophy and the culture of food. Some really interesting snippets about family, France and the meaning of food. It made me feel better about being so completely absorbed in food! The third is First Bite by Bee Wilson, which investigates how and why we eat, compares food as medicine and poison. Thought-provoking to say the least.