Swiss National Day

In choosing a partner to align the JHP Gourmet Guide™ with for the Culinary Innovation Award, it has been our privilege to work with Swiss International Air Lines. A brand match that is focused on…

“Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) continuously validates not only its belief that travellers deserve the finest of things, but that experiences should leave a lasting impact,” says Dr. André Schulz, General Manager, Lufthansa Group Southern Africa. “In the spirit of tradition, we continuously rededicate ourselves to connecting Switzerland to the rest of the world and the rest of the world to Switzerland whilst offering a pristine SWISS experience. The Swiss continuously maintain and nurture their local customs and traditions, making Switzerland a country with an enormous wealth of cultural activity and living traditions for both the locals and visitors to indulge on Swiss Day festivities. As done every year, there will be a special meal served on board flights out of Switzerland in celebration of this special day. Travellers can expect a traditional meal of Bratwurst, Roesti and green beans,” concludes Dr. Schulz.

To celebrate Swiss National Day on Wednesday 1 August there’ll be parades, street parties, picnics and fireworks to celebrate national pride in a flash of red and white. I’ll be eating chocolate and wearing red and white, wishing I could be there. Let’s hope that the celebrations last all month, as on 31 August I will be winging my way there, on Swiss of course, to take South African chefs to compete in the semi-finals of the Taittinger le Culinaire Prix, the oldest and most prestigious chefs’ competition in the world. It’s a first for South Africans to have this honour. Chefs from restaurants plated in the 2018 JHP Gourmet Guide™ have been invited to enter. Watch this space.

IMG_20180801_092021 (2)


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